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The latest issue of Tales To Go is available for download

The latest issue of Tales To Go is available for download

Like you, I love to read, especially in the summer under a palm tree on the beach, or in a hammock in Provence, or if you're in San Francisco, on the couch with a hot cup of tea! My biggest challenge, any season, is getting through an entire book in the time I do carve out for myself to read. How many times have you set a book down, only to pick it up a week later and not remember what the storyline? It happens to me a lot. That's why I've always been a fan of  reading stories especially when about my favorite subject----travel!  

I was thrilled to learn of the creation of Tales to Go, a new mobile publication for iPhone and iPad from Larry Habbegar and his fabulous partners at Travelers' Tales in Palo Alto, CA, responsible for publishing series anthologies such as Best Travel Writing and Best Women's Travel Writing, and titles like 100 Places Every Woman Should Go In France, which will be out in October (pre order now). Each digital issue of Tales to Go contains four inspiring, transformative travel stories with no ads, flash, or fluff. The first issue launched in April and several award-winning writers have been featured, many of whom I'm proud to call my friends. 

Issue 5 is out now, and the four tales include one by my good pal Jill Robinson in which she tells us about a wise man she met in Namibia while avoiding the black mamba that had parked itself under her car. Another is by Dominick (I knew him as Nick in high school) Domingo whose Solas Award winning tale recounts his language learning foibles in Paris, something I can totally relate to as a perpetual student of French. The issue's two other stories will take you to India and Cambodia, and you'll be glad you went.

As a traveler, I love taking journeys, even on the page, and following these writers to far flung destinations is inspiring. As a reader and writer I appreciate these petit and well-crafted jaunts. I'm in France now, returned from Africa last month, and will be in Norway before I land home in San Francisco in three weeks. Tales to Go will join me.

There's still some summer left. Grab a spot on the sand, power up your iPad, and hit the virtual road.

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Kimberley Lovato

Kimberley Lovato has written about travel, lifestyle and food for national and international publications and websites including National Geographic Traveler, Executive Travel, American Way, AFAR, Condé Nast Traveller (UK), Ryan Air, b.there, Easy Jet Traveller, and, among others. She is the author of a Michelin Guidebook on Brussels, where she lived for six years Her culinary travel book, Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves, about the Dordogne region of France, won the "Best Travel Book" nod in 2012 from the Society of American Travel Writers, as did her personal essay, "Lost and Liberated," which also appeared in Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 8. When she's not plotting her next trip or her annual pilgrimage to France, she resides in San Francisco where she is a correspondent for BBC's Passport Blog, a student in Stanford University's Creative Writing Certificate program, and a brave mother of a teenaged girl.