Kimberley's award winning book "Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves" navigates the back roads-as well as the menus and markets-of southwestern France with newfound excitement . . . and a knife and fork! Through interviews with home cooks and chefs; visits to local farms, historic sites, and wineries; and serendipitous detours to out-of-the way places and unique destinations, Kimberley shines a light on the people, places and cuisine of this captivating region.

Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves was the 2012 Gold Lowell Thomas Award Winner, given by the Society of American Travel Writers. To buy a copy, contact Kimberley. She has about 600 in her garage and will happily sign and mail one (or a dozen to you). Only $10 per book, two or more for for $8 each, plus shipping.   

Kimberley is also the author of Michelin's Must Sees Guide to Brussels, Belgium, where she lived for six years. 

Her essays have appeared in Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 8 and Volume 9, published by Travelers' Tales.